Arusha Nationalpark (with PDF)

Hatari Lodge is situated at the northern edge of Arusha National Park - the long forgotten secret - in the heart of Tanzania. The park measures approximately 552 square kilometres, combining within its boundaries the vast variety of many other parks in northern Tanzania: crater, lakes, savannah, plains and Africa’s 4th highest mountain!

First gayetted in 1960, Arusha National Park is located 29 kilometres east of Arusha city and approximately 60 kilometres from Kilimanjaro International Airport.
Explore the "Little Serengeti" plains in the south, walk to stunning gorges and waterfalls in the north, and enjoy the tropical mountain rainforests. Experience the diverse fauna and flora along the Momella Lakes with its rich flamingo population and discover the secret haven of the hidden Ngurdoto Crater - nick-named "little Ngorongoro" due to its stunning beauty and rich wildlife. All these highlights are towered by the shining glaciers of Kilimanjaro and the horseshoe-like cliffs and the peak of Mt. Meru – occasionally covered with snow. Arusha National Park is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destinations in Tanzania.


The park’s greatest attractions are its spectacular landscapes and its rich flora. Although the surrounding countryside is rather dry, the park itself is ever green throughout the year. Offering three different and impressive natural habitats. Waterfalls and lakes, steep cliffs and gorges, swamps and waterholes, all provide great opportunities to encounter wildlife.

Visitors, who appreciate the wonderful “Africa in miniature“, are able to enjoy guided walking safaris or canoeing trips on the lakes as well as fascinating game drives.
Arusha National Park has the highest giraffe population density in Africa. It is home to groups of forest elephants, many buffalos, water and bushbucks, duikers and dikdiks. Spotted hyenas, leopards and civet cats are some of the predator inhabitants. A major attraction is the large number of primates; especially the Black and White Colobus and the shining Blue- or Sykes monkeys, which are very likely to be seen on a game drive or a walk in the park.


Hatari Aktivitäten Überblick

Hatari Activities Overview

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