Climate & Season

Situated about 400 miles south of the equator at an altitude of 4650 feet above sea level, Hatari Lodge enjoys mild but still comfortably warm temperatures. The quicksilver rarely exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, however early morning hours during the months of May to October may be chilly, making a warm jacket a necessity. By noon, weather conditions are again "African", with temperatures easily rising above the 20 to 25 degree mark.

During the so-called dry season in Tanzania the area around Hatari Lodge and the whole of Arusha National Park is watered by morning mists so always green, attracting wildlife all year round. Hatari Lodge and the park with its all-weather roads can therefore be visited at all times. In the months of April and May the "big rains" may restrict walking safaris. But the experience of a tropical mountain rainforest becomes intense, when trees and plants are in their wettest green, when thousands of butterflies populate the park, groups of forest elephant and buffalo make their way through the undergrowth. Breathtaking are the views on Kilimanjaro and Meru when dark clouds hang low and give space for sunbeams and rainbows - turning the scenery into romantic paintings.