The Momella Lakes (with PDF)

In the north east part of Arusha National Park lies the area known as the Momella Lakes. Fringed by green hills, seven lakes nestle in valleys and depressions punctuating the post-volcanic landscape. Their sodium rich contents and the formation of algae make the lakes alkaline, especially the big Momella Lake and Lake Reshateni - therefore all year round a favourable feeding and resting areas for flamingos.

Just next to the big Momella Lake nestles the elongated form of little Momella Lake in a valley of green, dotted with islands and secretive bays, where buffalo, water and bushbuck, hippos and a variety of waterfowl are seen.
To the north of the two Momella Lakes, tucked away in valleys of their own, are the little and rarely visited lakes Lekandiro and Tulusia which are ideal places to relax under the shady trees.

Lake Kusare, small and swampy during the big rains is a favourite spot for waterbuck. Lake El Kekhotoito surrounded by green hills dries up in the autumn months to become a pan with little streams, attracting plenty of buffalo, giraffe, zebra and smaller forest antelopes. The most intense and dramatic way of exploring all this diversity is on a canoeing safari. “Our” Hippo-Pool can be visited on a short walk from Hatari Lodge.

Momella Seen AKtivitäten Überblick

Momella Lakes
Activities Overview

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