March 2012


In time to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Hatari! - the Movie starting from June 2012 our Shu’mata Camp will be reachable by flight for the first time. From here you can also catch connecting flights via Arusha to Serengeti or Zanzibar.

Coastal Aviation will fly the following new routes staring June 2012:
West Kilimanjaro Airstrip (Shu’mata Camp) – Arusha – Serengeti and back.
West Kilimanjaro Airstrip (Shu’mata Camp) – Swahili Coast (Pangani) – Zanzibar and back.

“You can now get to our beautifully situated camp much faster with this newly introduced flight. Beginning from Shu'mata we are now able to offer a planned or spontaneous Fly-In Safari to Serengeti or a trip to the Swahili Coast, Pangani and Saadani and further to Zanzibar.” (Marlies Gabriel)

Tanzania: The land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar & the Serengeti

50 years „Hatari!“
In time for the 50th anniversary of the release of Hollywood classic “Hatari!” the Hatari Lodge and the luxurious Shu’mata Camp, an extension of the lodge can be accessed by plane for the first time – this way you can easily and comfortably include Serengeti as well as Zanzibar in your itinerary.

Starting in June of 2012, Coastal Airways will offer the following services:
West Kilimanjaro Airstrip (Shu’mata Camp) – Arusha – Serengeti and back
West Kilimanjaro Airstrip (Shu’mata Camp) – Swahili Coast (Pangani) – Zanzibar and back

The Hatari Lodge in combination with the Shu‘mata Camp offers numerous safari excursions such as the popular Kilimanjaro Safari Circuit including seven days of exciting safari combinations:
the Arusha National Park, the Ngurdoto Crater (“little brother” of the legendary Ngorongoro Crater) and a savanna trip to the traditional Maasai country in Southern Amboseli where the hillside location of the Shu’mata Camp offers fantastic views. A canoe excursion on Little Momella Lake is part of the itinerary as well as wild life observation jeep tours, guided hikes through the rain forest and Maasai-guided walks across the grassland on the foot of the Kilimanjaro. In time for the movie anniversary theme safaris covering the filming locations of „Hatari!“ will be available.

Coastal Aviation is a charter airline operating from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, since 1988. Most flights are regional, but the airline also offers services to neighbouring countries and even South Africa. Coastal Aviation is specializing in safari flights.

Coastal Flyer

Coastal Flyer

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