Ngurdoto Crater (with PDF)

The Ngurdoto Crater is nicknamed the “little Ngorongoro Crater“, alluding to its forgotten beauty. Like a jewel in a crown, it is a protected area within a protected area. Its fragile but diverse ecosystem cannot be visited by car or on foot. Only from its crater rim, reached by a steep car track through mountain rainforest, with its various beautifully situated viewpoints may the visitor enjoy this “sunken” Noah’s Ark in its primeval jungle, secluded in the south east corner of the park.

The crater floor, some 300 feet below and measuring about 1.5 miles across, is home to interesting fauna and flora. Like the Ngorongoro Crater, Ngurdoto Crater is actually a caldera, a collapsed volcano probably measuring 10.000 feet before its last eruption. Today the highest point reaches just over 5.000 feet.
Highlights along the crater rim are the numerous colonies of monkeys, regularly seen in the trees along the car track, which leads about half way around the crater. The rest of the crater rim and the sight of the cliffs along the inner crater can be enjoyed on foot guided by our expert rangers.

Hatari Lodge offers excursions to Ngurdoto Crater. The driving time from the lodge is about an hour.


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Ngurdoto Crater

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